Your Beard Sucks

your beard sucks

Not really…but here’s what you can do when that’s how you’re feeling.

Lets Face It, Bad Beard Days Suck.

Maybe you’ve come to terms with it, maybe you haven’t. All beardsmen go through really shitty phases throughout their growth journey and it’s harder for some than others. There are many of us that just aren’t follicly-gifted, but it shows a lot of character to give it your best shot anyway. Watch Eric’s pep talk below if you’re in doubt about your beard.

Let’s get a little personal.

We all have dark days, which is yet another thing we have in common with each other. Our priority within our community is to create a positive & welcoming space, so this video from the archives is just as relevant now as it was 2 years ago. If you’re dealing with some hard times in your life right now, let us go beyond the beard to share some encouraging words with you.

What To Do When You Think Your Beard Sucks

Eric Bandholz gives advice on what to do when your beard sucks. You’ve come to terms with that. It can be that it grows in patchy, that it’s a weird color, it grows in clumps, or that it doesn’t grow right. Not all of us can be follicly gifted. That’s alright though. It could just be the day. Sometimes beards just do what beards do. They poof out all the time. Some days you want to shave it off out of spite because it isn’t doing exactly what you want it to do, and annoying you to no end.

Give it a day of rest. You’ll come back the next day, and see how awesome your beard really is. You’ll look in the mirror and say, “Damn, my beard is rocking today! I look badass this morning!” Don’t compare your beard to other people’s beard though. You can look to them for inspiration or to those who have the same beard as you. Coveting someone else’s beard isn’t healthy. It’s like the shape of eyes, your eyes, or your height; it’s all in your DNA, you can’t change it. Maybe in 100 years or so we can tinker with that beard gene and all grow amazing bears, but we aren’t there yet.

Here’s the thing about beards though, we all grow for different reasons. Some guys grow because it makes them look cool. Some guys grow because they don’t want to shave. Some guys grow because that’s the way nature intended. Some guys don’t want head hair but opt for a beard instead. Some guys grow because they want to be a little different. Why you grow is completely up to you and your reasons. Based on why you grow will affect what you do with your beard. If you grow for religious reasons or for your own personal reasons, and you don’t care if people find you attractive and you just wanna be yourself, or you don’t care what people think, then just let it grow.

If you have insecurities about your physical appearance, and you want to step it up, then maybe you can find styles that fit your crappy beard. Here’s the thing, a patchy beard or one that grows in clumps, at a short length, you can still pull it off. You can pair together with the part that grows in thick. If you grow in a full mustache, keep that up and trim your beard to a short length. Highlight the parts of your beard that are your strengths, and stay away from the negative parts.

There isn’t a guy out there who hasn’t looked in the mirror and critiqued their own beard. We all find something wrong with it, or something we wish it did better, didn’t grow a certain way or was thicker. We all have those issues. It’s the experience of looking at yourself in the mirror that gonna get you to a better spot, and get you to a point where you are content with yourself. Once you look in the mirror and love what you see, the other things in your life will expand and set you on a pathway of success and happiness.

We all have crappy beards and crappy beard days, but we’ll get through it.


Original article from Beardbrand