How To Style Your Hair For Any Occasion: Getting The Most From A Single Cut

You really can’t beat an easy morning routine. Sometimes you don’t have the time to nail the perfect hair style, so quick and easy is the way to go. These quick tips from Greg are easily put together to help you get the most out of your haircut.

Another added bonus? None of his looks here require a blow dryer.

Greg’s on the other side of the internet to show you how to style your hair three different ways without a blow dryer. You may not have a lot of time to style your hair in the morning, but these tips are super quick. Currently, his hair has air dried and grown in three weeks after his Cut & Grind visit. Using his fingers, he gets his hair to set the way he wants it. To him, it’s the Justin Bieber 2012 look, but we’ll just call it the All Natural Look for now. It’s a pretty easy carefree look, useful for the office and just for relaxing. There’s not a lot of maintenance for it.

This next look requires a little bit of styling balm. Just run it all through your hair using your fingers, and work it up to the style you want it. A lot of the time it depends heavily on the cut you have. Styling with hair you don’t have is damn near impossible. It also leans on the way you’ve trained your hair to grow. It’s his go to look if he’s not drying his hair. He calls it the Casual Work Look, and we agree with him. It’s a very loose style, so it won’t be so precise in the way the hair looks.

This next look you can achieve by using a comb on the last one to tighten it up. Usually known as the Executive Taper, or a modified madman look where you just part it in a certain direction. The styling balm will hold it in place.

The secret fourth look you can achieve by adding more of thick waxy product to the Executive Taper. If you’re anti-product this looks isn’t for you. A good thing about this style is that there’s a lot of sheen and it deepens your hair color. This is the Slick Back. It’s much tighter and polished. You can use this look in a business setting, like with a suit or for a meeting, or roll up the sleeves and go for a James Dean look.


Original article by Beardbrand