No Shave November!

no shave november 2015

Contest Rules

1) On October 31st, shave your entire face as cleanly as possible. You can keep “pre-existing” facial hair, just make sure the rest is clean as possible. The goal is epic hair!

2) Take a “before” picture and post on our Facebook timeline!

3) Do not shave for the entire month. If you need to trim your neck, shave your mustache, or shape your beard somehow, go for it, as long as you have something to show for your efforts in your after pictures. Again, whatever you have to do to participate in No Shave November!

4) Take your “after” picture and post on our Facebook timeline

5) At the end of November we will vote on the most epic facial hair. Picture with the most votes/likes wins

6) On Dec. 1 you can finally shave… if you so choose to.

7) The winner will receive a $60.00 in Gibbs and Layrite beard products and most importantly bragging rights!


If you have any questions you may leave us a comment on Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as possible and may the best beard win!