Beard Care – How To Take Care of Your Skin

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Today Eric talks about skincare in 4 simple steps. There are so many different types of skin and no one type fits all face regimen. You should always consult a dermatologist for an annual skin check and to find out what type of skin care is best. Before you start a new skin care product it’s always recommended to do a skin patch test first. Apply a small amount of product on your arm and wait 24 hours to see if you have any skin reactions.

Nutrients from a healthy diet and lot of water for hydration are essential elements to a naturally healthy complexion. After that, try these tips for good skin care product use.


1. Clean every day. When you are done cleaning you don’t want to feel tight. If your face or skin feels tight you might want to go with a more mild wash. Eric uses the Beardbrand Beard Wash for his face and beard.

2. Exfoliate. Be sure you really get your fingers in to your beard and massage your skin and beard to eliminate that dirt, dead skin cells and oil that gets trapped in there. This also helps clear your hair follicle to pave the way for more even beard growth and healthy facial hair. Caution! You do not have to be too rough! The Clarsonic Alpha Fit is a nice tool that uses micro bristles to get deep into your pores without being to harsh.

3. Moisturize. Along with stripping the dirt and grime away from skin, cleansers and exfoliation also strips away healthy oils and can dry skin out. Replenish that with a good moisturizer. The Utility Balm is great for head to toe moisture. While exfoliating might be optional, this step is essential to help maintain a healthy beard.

4. Sunscreen. Think about the future. Cancer, aging spots, wrinkles. This is the number one way to prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Be sure to choose at least a 30 SPF and apply it every few hours. Most of the time we don’t realize how much sun we actually get in the car or through the window. It’s best practice to make this part of the daily routine.


Original Article from Beard Brands